During the summer time when we were all kids, nothing was better in our minds than the nice cold orange juice that we had in our homes which were bought in the local supermarket. Fast forward when we grew up and now we understand that some things are better for your health while others are not so good. Whenever you get the choice to make your own juice or to buy one in the local supermarket you should always go for the one you can make and here are several reasons why.

1.There will be more fruit juice inside your home-made juice

While the supermarket juice might taste “better” that does not necessarily mean that inside that juice bottle there will be more fruit juice. Most of the juices that are commercially made are actually made from small amounts of fruit juice mixed with lots of water and artificial sweeteners so that they will imitate the taste of the natural juice. The big difference is of course not in the taste but in the ingredients. While both the home-made juice with a juicer and the supermarket one will be high in sugars, the home made one will have a lot more vitamins and folic acid.

2.The homemade juice can fill your special needs

While the market juice can sometimes be pumped with certain vitamins they definitely can’t give you all that you need. If you don’t like to take pills to fill in your bodies missing vitamins and minerals you will have to turn to juicing. Here is where juicing at home really shines. The combinations that you can make at home with all kinds of different juice ingredients can be modified to exactly fill the special needs of your body. So, for instance, if you need more iron you will make a mix of juice using grapes or spinach, or if you are missing magnesium a good pomegranate juice can get your levels back up.

3.Mixing vegetables with fruits is healthier than your regular store juice

Mixing vegetablesStore bought juice can also be made from vegetables, but you won’t find many cocktails inside the store that are made from all kinds of vegetables. Usually, the one juice that you can find in your local store will be tomato juice, but if that was the only vegetable juice that was healthy for our bodies it would be the world’s best juice. Since we all know it is not, we have to turn to our homemade vegetable juice that can be made with literally anything. Check out our website for some tasty recipes using vegetables as your main juice ingredients

4.It’s healthier for your kids

While kids love drinking juice, the store-bought juice can have too many sugars in them, which if it is bad for us grownups it is also bad for your kids. While for kids the homemade juice can also be high in sugars it can be diluted in water while it still maintains all the health benefits and a great taste. Just make sure you always have fresh fruit and you are good to go.